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Florida Certified

A quality product that meets a stringent building code

We are proud to announce that in December 2009, Abby Iron Doors was officially Florida-certified. This means our products have proven to be a quality product that meets a stringent building code set forth by Florida Building Code Department. It is the sign that you can trust Abby Iron Doors. It is how you tell a committed company. This certification attests to our integrity and commitment and to the high standards and quality of Abby Iron Doors.

One interesting aspect to note is that our doors are certified to hold up to 75 pounds per square foot. This mean if a door is 6′ wide by 10′ tall, such doors can receive a maximum load of 4,500 pounds! There is absolutely no way for anyone to break in. That is the strength of our doors.

Watch this video to see what happen to the doors during pressure testing:

Here is a close up shot. Notice how the door flexes back and forth to maintain 4,500 pounds of pressure on the doors:

Another close up shot for the water infiltration test: