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5 Ways to Improve Front Door Security

Not many homeowners think that criminals would be bold enough to just break into their home through the front door. Yet, that’s actually the way that the majority of burglars enter. If you want to beef up the security of your home, then the first place that you should invest money into is the front door. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

1. Installing Smart Technology

Thanks to innovative smart technology, many criminals are thinking twice about attempting the front door. Technology like doorbell cameras and other surveillance equipment can greet a criminal the moment they come close to the door. You can also receive a notification that tells you someone is at the door.

You can watch their intentions and call the police if something looks suspicious. This form of security is a great benefit to those who have to leave the home for work or who are worried about leaving their home unattended for a few days while they’re on vacation.

2. Wrought Iron Door

To increase the physical durability of your front door, you can’t go wrong with a wrought iron door. Besides looking grand and sophisticated, they’re also really hard to break into. These doors are made from hard iron that has been beautifully crafted for both design and practicality.

Why not mix improved security with a beautiful door design? You can have both when you choose to have a wrought iron door installed.

3. Reinforced Door Locks

Another method to improve the security of your front door is to reinforce your locks. These are beefier versions of your standard lock. They’re harder to pick and break. If a criminal spot that you have reinforced locks, they might think twice about hitting your home. Because criminals need to work quickly to get inside of your home before they’re spotted, they don’t want to spend a lot of time attempting to pick or break a reinforced lock.

4. Replacing Locks with Biometric Security

Why not replace locks entirely with biometric security? Whether you want the security matched to your face or fingerprint, biometrics can be an effective method against breaking and entering. It typically replaces traditional locks, so there’s nothing for the criminal to pick or break in order to get inside of your home.

Instead, the scanner only lets in those whose biometrics are in its database inside of the home. Not only does this kind of security look cool, but it’s also effective.

5. Installing a Deadbolt

Another traditional, but effective, method for improving the security of your front door is to have a deadbolt installed. This bolt can make it extremely difficult for criminals to break into the home. The bolt requires a lot of strength and pressure to break. Because criminals are attempting to break in quietly without raising the alarm, they can’t risk making a commotion by charging into the door to break the lock.

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