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Best Custom Door Handles

We provide two type of hardware mechanisms Push/Pull Handles and Cylindrical Handles.

Push/Pull Handles

  • Simply push and pull on the handle to open and close the door.
  • The door panel is held in closed position by two heavy-duty commercial grade roller catches.
  • The door is locked by a deadbolt
  • Handles and doors are the same finish
  • Hand-Crafted from 3/4" solid steel bar
  • Looks identical on exterior and interior
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As shown: Basket Handle

  • Basket

  • Collar

  • Smooth S

  • Twisted

Dead Bolt

Roller Catch

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Weslock Handles (Cylindrical Locks)
  • A traditional lock with a thumb-push-down latch mechanism and locked with a deadbolt.
  • The handles come in Oil Rubbed Bronze standard finish by Weslock.
  • A knob is on the interior side.
  • Finish will not fade.

As shown:Stonebriar Handle

  • Wiltshire

  • Stone Briar

  • Interior view

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Can I use my own hardware?

Yes! Whenever a customer does not purchase hardware from us, we will prep the doors for a standard cylindrical lock set with the following specifications:

  • 2-3/4" backset
  • 2" thick door
  • 2-1/8" diameter bore
  • 5-1/2" center to center cross hole spacing
  • We recommend an interior knob rather than a lever since lever handle will prevent operable glass panel from being opened.
Please consult with your sales consultant if you would like to use another type of lock set.

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Investing in quality iron doors is not complete process until you've also chosen your custom door handles and custom door hardware, and the folks here at Abby iron Doors are ready to help you select the finest custom door handle and hardware accessories available to compliment your new door or wine cellar doors.

Just as with our beautiful custom iron doors and custom wine cellar doors for homes and offices, you can rely on our superior craftsmanship and a dedication to quality products when it comes to your custom door products which of course includes all of the custom exterior door handles, custom cylindrical door handles, and custom pull door handles in our catalogue.

Custom Door Hardware for Wrought Iron Push & Pull Door Handles

We provide two types of hardware mechanisms for our entire custom door handles, including custom push door handles, custom wrought iron handles, custom wrought iron door handles. We manufacture high-quality push/pull handles and cylindrical handles. With push/pull handles you simply push and pull on the handle to open and close the door. The door panel is held in closed position by two heavy-duty commercial grade roller catches and locks by deadbolt. The Handles and doors are the same finish and are hand-crafted from 3/4" solid steel bar. We also make sure that your custom door handle always looks identical on the exterior and interior sides, matched to perfection to compliment your beautiful new iron doors and iron wine cellar doors.

All of our iron doors and their accompanying custom door hardware are crafted to code and are 100% Florida certified for proven. This is the hallmark of our dedication to you as a customer, but also to our craft and commitment as quality wrought iron door and door handles manufacturers.

We believe that your wrought iron doors and wine cellar doors will add significant value to any home or office building and we have the skills and experience to make that happen for you. We have completed custom projects for residential, commercial, religious and historical buildings and can accommodate any of the special requirements you may have.

As you make your selection for your new wrought iron doors we will walk you through the entire process of also choosing your best custom door handles and custom door hardware, and we won't let you finalize your door or custom door handle selection until you are completely satisfied with your choice. Abby Iron Doors is an Iron Doors company. Our main offerings include: Custom Entry Doors, Wine Cellar Doors, Custom Iron Gates and Custom Door Hardware.

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